Raptors trade rumors: Mystery team offers first-round pick for Bruce Brown

The Raptors could finally make a move for Brown.
Toronto Raptors v Oklahoma City Thunder
Toronto Raptors v Oklahoma City Thunder / Joshua Gateley/GettyImages

The Toronto Raptors seem ready to part ways with veteran guard Bruce Brown. Just a few weeks after acquiring him from the Indiana Pacers in the Pascal Siakam trade, the Raptors want to move off him in the name of getting younger and adding a very promising first-round draft pick.

For a while, it seemed like one step removed from a formality that Brown would be dealt to the New York Knicks, as his open sales pitch to the team seemed to create a natural buzz between him and Tom Thibodeau.

Not only do the Knicks not want to give away former prized young guard Quentin Grimes to acquire Brown, but they also are hesitant about parting with a first-round pick in 2025. If no deal gets done with New York, an anonymous admirer might crash down from the sky to make a deal happen.

According to Michael Grange of Sportsnet, the Raptors have been contacted by a mystery team that is willing to trade a first-round pick in exchange for Brown. It remains unclear who could jump in for Brown if the Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers seem to be put off by his asking price.

Toronto Raptors trade rumors: Mystery team wants Bruce Brown

The Milwaukee Bucks, who have been looking for an upgrade over Pat Connaughton, might be in the mood to bring in the reigning NBA champion. Given Brown's salary and the restriction that states he can't be aggregated with other players, a trade might be tough to work out.

While Brown could be a better fit on a championship team that is more willing to slot him into a specific role, the inability to shoot well from 3-point range and his inability to hold down a more consistent role as a traditional small forward makes it tough for Brown to lock in a reliable chunk of minutes.

Brown deserves another crack at a ring with a team that is more willing and able to win at the moment, and the Raptors could essentially turn the Siakam haul into four first-round picks and a promising wing in Jordan Nwora. This trade could be a matter of when, not if.