3 Things Raptors fans should root for, 4 to root against to close season

Pascal Siakam, Indiana Pacers
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Root Against Jontay Porter being convicted

Jontay Porter has a lot of good basketball in his blood, but unfortunately he also has his family's propensity for injuries. This year it looked like the young center had finally broken through, staying largely healthy and playing extremely well in short bursts for the Raptors as the emergency two-way center occasionally (and increasingly) called into service.

Then it was all ripped away as Porter is investigated for irregular gambling activity surrounding his early exits from games, and he hasn't played since as he awaits the results of the NBA's investigation. If he is found guilty, which is the more likely outcome, Porter is probably facing a lifetime ban. If he is cleared, however, the Raptors can bring back a promising young player and look to develop him into a long-term backup next season and beyond.

Root Against Gary Trent playing extremely well

The Toronto Raptors and Gary Trent Jr. have been moving toward a breakup for some time now. It looked likely last summer before Trent picked up his player option and elected to stay with the team for another year and hit the 2024 free-agency market. After the Raptors finally committed to a youth movement, it's time to bid farewell to Trent, whether that is via free agency or a sign-and-trade this summer.

The one hiccup in that plan could be Trent and the Raptors falling back in love with each other. Trent was incandescent in the Raptors' win over the Milwaukee Bucks to snap their losing streak on Friday night. In total he is having a strong close to the season, the only consistent presence in the lineup for the Raptors and one who is increasing his shot volume in the absence of other stars.

The Raptors have invested in Gradey Dick and Ochai Agbaji on the wing, not to mention RJ Barrett. The Raptors need to open up the books and give themselves financial flexibility moving forward, and history has not supported the idea that they could re-sign Trent and move him for strong value moving forward. It's time to move on, for both sides, and a shaky end to the season could disavow Toronto of keeping the relationship going.