Trading Bruce Brown and 3 other moves Raptors must make by trade deadline

Toronto needs to look much different after the deadline.
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The Toronto Raptors are clearly waiting until the merciful release of the NBA trade deadline can take one of the more tightly-wound locker rooms in the league and finally give them some much-needed levity. Their pathetic showing against the New Orleans Pelicans showed exactly how far things have fallen.

The Raptors went down by double digits almost immediately, and nearly set a new franchise record for the biggest loss in franchise history before a late rally saved them from such an embarrassment. Toronto has now lost 12 of their last 14 games and has fallen far down the standings.

The Raptors not only (in essence) declared that wins and losses are not as important as developing some of their long-term assets, but they have ripped up the roster to such a degree that they currently lack the manpower needed to become a consistent winner.

Masai Ujiri needs to reorient the Raptors to get them in a spot where the rest of the season will be a positive experience and not a series of 48-minute car crashes on the court. These four moves, be they roster or rotation related, would give Toronto a better foundation on which the young guns can let it fly.

4 moves Masai Ujiri must make before the Toronto Raptors trade deadline

4. Trade Bruce Brown

This one seems like a matter of when, not if, at this point. After some strong early showings and some leaks that made it seem like Toronto was more than fine with holding on to him, the latest rumors making it seem like Brown's bidding war is finally starting in earnest could lead to a deal getting consummated.

The Knicks have been a consistent source of Brown rumors, even as his asking price scares away others like the Los Angeles Lakers. This may be the only chance Toronto has of nabbing a player like Quentin Grimes, as the odds of Brown playing out the entirety of his contract seem to be shrinking.

The Toronto Raptors need to move off Bruce Brown.

Brown's play has fallen off a bit lately, as his physical limitations and lackluster 3-point shooting make it very difficult for a Raptors team that wants him to play more of a frontcourt role to get excited about what he can bring. He is also blocking deserving younger players from getting more shine.

While it might stink to see Ujiri allocate the money that could have been used to retain Brown on players that will try to equal his very unique skillset, but this is the best way forward. Perhaps this could clear a path to a potential Gary Trent Jr. contract after his recent hot shooting.