7 Raptors Games that are MUST WATCH for fans

MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 27: Norman Powell
MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 27: Norman Powell /
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A perusal of the Raptors schedule reveals a number of games with compelling reasons to watch. Here’s a interesting selection.

The NBA pre-season is about a month away and fans are already itching to see the return of NBA action. As the crazy off-season has finally died down, nothing has seemed to really fill the void all NBA fans are left with, due to the lack of any games or news. The media has gone as far to analyze any tweet, snapchat or any detail left on social media to keep fans reeled in. In anticipation for the NBA season to start and see how everything unfolds, here are 7 MUST WATCH Toronto Raptors games that fans can’t miss.

7. A liability on the Brooklyn Nets, DEC 15TH.

TORONTO, CANADA – MAY 5: DeMarre Carroll
TORONTO, CANADA – MAY 5: DeMarre Carroll /

The Brooklyn Nets aren’t the most exciting team in the NBA to watch, even with the addition of D’Angelo Russell who seems to have a promising future. There isn’t much to expect from them this season. One player in particular should draw interest from Raptors fans. DeMarre Carroll was a huge defensive liability and a very inconsistent player during his time on the Raptors. His best days with the Hawks were clearly far behind as soon as he set foot in Toronto. He was a big part of the reason the Raptors struggled in the playoffs.

When Raptors needed somebody to hold their own against LeBron James, DeMarre couldn’t even compete. As a result the Raptors were compelled to experiment mid-playoffs with more reliable defensive options such as P.J. Tucker at the Small Forward spot. The Nets expect to make playoffs somehow this season. DeMarre Carroll will play a big role in their quest, and is looking to prove Raptor fans wrong.