Who are the Toronto Raptors top five fan favourites right now?

Toronto Raptors: Fans at Jurassic Park (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Toronto Raptors: Fans at Jurassic Park (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /
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As part of Raptors Rapture’s Fan Favourite week, we discussed who are the Toronto Raptors top five current fan favorites.

When it comes to sports, there isn’t a relationship more special than the athlete/fan relationship. This relationship has its ups and downs, but that is what makes it so special. The journey, trials, and tribulations the athlete shares with the fan through wins and losses stay with both for years to come. Good athlete/fan relationships show unconditional support, along with a well-needed nudge from time to time.

No fan base embodies this kind of relationship more than the Toronto Raptors fans. The amount of love and support the fans show the team is second to none. From the beginning, the city of Toronto (and the country of Canada) has supported the team through the many downs and the ups. — including a lot of downs early on.

Through the franchises 25 years, many players have become fan favorites. Players who have earned extra love and will be remembered more fondly than their skill level would indicate.

Determining a fan favorite is an art more than a science, but it does have some common factors. Realness, respect, and reassurance that no matter the circumstance, you got the player’s back and they got yours. The idea that the fan and the player are bonded deeper than the average roster spot.

With the current players on the Raptors roster, which one would be considered a fan favorite?

There are plenty of potential names to throw around, as many current players earned a special place in the hearts of the Toronto faithful. Still, some players are liked more than others, earning their way to the top five fan favorites for the Toronto Raptors.