Who are the Toronto Raptors top five fan favourites right now?

Toronto Raptors: Fans at Jurassic Park (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Toronto Raptors: Fans at Jurassic Park (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /
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5. Serge Ibaka

When Serge Ibaka was traded to the Raptors in the early part of the 2016-17 season, he was seen as a key piece that could help ignite a Toronto playoff push. He brought some shooting and intimidation on the defensive side of the court.

It wasn’t certain if Ibaka would be with the team for the long-term, but Raptors fans are glad he is. After what has been two and a half seasons in Toronto, Serge has become a fan favorite amongst Raptors fans.

If we are being honest, Ibaka earned his fan favoritism the hard way. He earned it with his scrappy attitude. Even though it’s looked down upon by some, many fans get energized whenever they see Serge in the middle of an altercation during a game.

Serge doesn’t hold back, and that is what many fans love to see from their players. Now even though his situations can lead to suspensions (which hurt the team somewhat), playing the role of enforcer on the team is a role fans don’t take lightly. You have the feeling that even if you did bite off more than you chew in a situation, big brother Ibaka will come along and bail you out.

The personality Ibaka brings to the team is something fans love. Taking last year for example, on a team with very stoic, even emotionless personalities, Serge gave the team some swag.

His free-spirit, likable attitude loosens up the team around them, allowing their personalities to shine even more. Fans see Ibaka’s personality the most on his YouTube channel. From his wildly entertaining cooking show to his casual vlogging videos, fans enjoy seeing the side of Ibaka that isn’t jumping into fights and getting chippy with the opposing team.

We fans love a player who gives back to his community and Serge is a player who always gives back. He recently showed up at Regent Park Community Food Centre’s ‘Taste of Regent Park.’ It was there where he provided a donation that will help provide many free meals for children.

Serge Ibaka’s fun attitude along with his enforcer mentality is the combination that has him as one of the favorites among Raptors fans. Us fans appreciate the fight he brings on the court, and the excitement and pizazz he brings with his off the court endeavors. Ibaka’s flair is what draws fans to him and makes him a favorite amongst the fans.