Who are the Toronto Raptors top five fan favourites right now?

Toronto Raptors: Fans at Jurassic Park (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Toronto Raptors: Fans at Jurassic Park (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /
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2. Kyle Lowry

Remember the joy Raptors fans had when they realized Kyle Lowry was going to the NBA Finals? Now, do you remember the joy when he actually won the championship? There wasn’t a soul on earth (at least I hope not) that wasn’t happy for Lowry at that moment. Raptors fans and Lowry both shared that moment of triumph together, as they know the journey it took them both to get here wasn’t an easy one.

Lowry has had to go through some challenging moments during his time as a Raptors. Many tough defeats, early playoff exits, bad playoff performances that earned him the infamous “Playoff Lowry” title. Throughout all those challenges, Kyle didn’t fold, he kept bringing his lunch pale and going to work. His “business” like mentality can seem harsh at times, but it is something Toronto fans appreciate the most about him.

Lowry does everything the right way. From how he carries himself off the floor, to his interactions with us (the fans) to his “do it all” style of play. Very few players in the entire league compare to Lowry’s demeanor and loyalty to a franchise.

Lowry has grown before our eyes since he arrived via trade to Toronto. He came in as someone who clashed with coaches and displayed a poor attitude. Now, he’s become a reliable veteran on a team that needed his even-keel attitude. He’s matured as much as a person as he has as a basketball player.

Let’s not forget his amazing pre-game intro/routine Lowry displayed last year. It was surely something special (even crazy) to see and that’s the side of Lowry we love to see the most. With pre-game routine extraordinaire Cameron Payne on the squad, us fans should be even more pumped up to see what is in store for this season.

Lowry can a goofball when necessary, cracking jokes or making a wise retort to a reporter’s question. He has enough personality to keeps us on our toes. We know what Lowry is going to be truthful, we just don’t know what the delivery will be like.

We appreciate Kyle Lowry for being who he is. A hard-worker and unapologetically honest. He respects not only the game he plays but the players who play it and the fans who watch them. You know what you’re getting out of Kyle Lowry every night and one thing fans ask of players is consistency.