Grade the Trade: Raptors/Warriors deal centered on OG Anunoby

O.G. Anunoby, Toronto Raptors. Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images
O.G. Anunoby, Toronto Raptors. Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images /

The Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors were reportedly trying to get an OG Anunoby trade hammered out right before the NBA trade deadline, but talks eventually fell apart. Golden State may have been a bit hesitant about including Jonathan Kuminga in this deal.

While the Warriors appear poised to enter luxury tax hell relatively soon while looking for a replacement in the front office following the departure of Bob Myers, they will still try to win in 2023. Joe Lacob is an aggressive owner, so the Raptors shouldn’t abandon trade talks.

Anunoby has been one of the hottest names on the trade market in the last few months, as his combination of stellar two-way play and solid shooting has made him a player that can fit in with just about every scheme. Knowing this, the Raptors won’t take pennies on the dollar for him in a trade.

If the Warriors want to open these talks back up, Bleacher Report has already cooked up a fresh new trade idea that ends up with Anunoby sporting the Golden Gate Bridge on his jersey in the near future. Will the Raptors’ haul be enough for them actually to go through with this?

This Toronto Raptors-Golden State Warriors trade involves OG Anunoby

Poole’s stock has never been lower due to some very disheartening performances in the postseason, but Toronto could use that stretch as an opportunity to buy low on a microwave scorer. At his best, Poole can go off for 30 points on any given night, thanks to his offensive creativity.

Rollins is likely not a very worthwhile asset for the Raptors, but they could roll the dice on a young shooter that will cost them nothing. This trade also nets Toronto a second Top-20 pick, which could be used to move up the order or move back in the name of gaining 2024 and 2025 capital.

Anunoby on the Warriors would be an ideal fit, especially with Draymond Green simultaneously declining and considering leaving the team. The Raptors could get off the hook for the remainder of Young’s contract, all while sending Thad to a team who could compete for a championship.

While Poole is a terrific addition, is he so much better than someone like Simons that the Raptors should abandon their thoughts of a Blazers package that lands the No. 3 pick? If the Warriors tossed one more first-round pick in this deal, the Raptors might have something worth consummating.

Grade: B-

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