5 Toronto Raptors who definitely won't be back next season

Garrett Temple, Mouhamadou Gueye, Toronto Raptors
Garrett Temple, Mouhamadou Gueye, Toronto Raptors / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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No. 5: Garrett Temple

It's a rare NBA player who never reaches any level of stardom but can carve out a long NBA career. Garrett Temple has only been a full-time starter once in his career but has played 13 seasons and 741 total games.

He signed with the Toronto Raptors this past summer to be the veteran presence in the backcourt, and likely played more than he even expected once injuries ravaged the team down the stretch. That being said, that only meant 256 minutes total, more than last season but certainly the sign of a player the Raptors aren't counting on.

It's certainly possible the Raptors would elect to keep Temple around in that "veteran mentor" role, but they will likely seek out a veteran backup point guard who can play real rotation minutes and occasionally alongside Immanuel Quickley, making Temple superfluous.

The question then becomes whether Temple will catch on with another team or be forced to move overseas to continue his career. It's also possible the cerebral Temple makes the transition to coaching. He'll likely have one more season in him with an NBA team before forced into that decision, but it probably won't be with the Raptors.