Where does each Toronto Raptor rank at their position

TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 6: Jonas Valanciunas
TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 6: Jonas Valanciunas /
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Kawhi Leonard             HoopsHabit Rank: 2            Our Rank: 2

It’s important to note that this list ranks players based upon their projected 2018 starting position. So for purposes of this project, LeBron James is listed as a power forward.

With LeBron at power forward, Leonard is able to hop to second on the list, it’s no secret or debate who is ahead of him, and the list below isn’t much of a contest either.

Immediately below him:

5. Khris Middleton

4. Gordon Hayward

3. Paul George

No disrespect to Middleton, who is a fine player, but a notch below the next two on the list. He is a two-way player and effective scorer, and this ranking finally shows some props to someone who has been vastly underrated for years.

Hayward and George are a tier above Middleton, however, they are still significantly behind Kawhi Leonard. Hayward and George have All-NBA ceilings, Kawhi has an MVP-caliber ceiling.

No sense in debating this much, nearly all reasonable fans would agree Leonard is a class above these players.

Immediately above him:

1. Kevin Durant

An easy choice at number one overall, Kevin Durant is the best small forward in the game and in a year or two might become the best player in the game.

If you are going to scream about the two-way capabilities of Leonard, please stop it. Durant is a 7’0″ sniper with a tight handle and insane bounce. He is a much more versatile scorer and offensive player than Leonard.

Defensively, Durant is not as impactful as Leonard, but as an athletic 7’0″ he can still have a major impact. He’s a good defender, he just isn’t Kawhi Leonard.

For superstars, offense matters more than offense. If you don’t believe so, then tell me with a straight face you would take Rudy Gobert over Stephen Curry.

For now, Leonard is safe as the second best small-forward in the NBA.